Management of cultural activity

Management of cultural activity
*It specializes in organizing aspects of cultural activity and the development of awareness of the nation's issues, including deepening of the concepts of democracy and culture of human rights and community participation and public work and the development of students' cultural and creative energies.
*Also maintains the seminars and meetings in which the host community symbols and public figures, and also through competitions and literary events that contribute to the construction of thought and consciousness of students growth.
*Organize religious competitions in keeping the Koran (the whole - half)
*The organization of cultural competition in the field of research and article Zajal and the short story.
*Organizing competitions in the periodic general information on the level of the faculties of Mansoura University.
*Organize meetings and seminars through which to discuss the most important issues on the scene and are known to host senior figures.
*Organize cultural tours - Cairo International Book Fair - the Library of Alexandria version Journal titled magazine and the new generation is issued by editing a family of students and female students.
*There are cultural library belonging to the management of cultural activity at the entrance (11) University Stadium grandstands next to the main cabin the second round this library contains a large variety of books and students have the right to view it.